My Body is MY Body Safety Song

This little song “My Body is MY Body” written by Debra Byrne and Jayneen Sanders (author of Some Secrets Should Never Be kept) can make a huge difference to the safety of our children. The song; sung by Debra’s daughter, grandson and neighbour, provides kids with knowledge about their body ownership and their rights in relation to their body. Knowledge is a powerful tool and as a community, we have a duty of care to empower the children under our protection.

For too long we have left children unprotected without any knowledge of their rights in relation to their body. It is time for this to change. With 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 6 boys being sexual abused before their 18th birthday and 93% of them knowing their perpetrators, teaching kids body safety is paramount.

Quick to learn and sung to “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, “My Body is MY Body” is perfect for pre-kinder kids through to 8 year olds. Please share this clip. We teach water safety and we teach road safety. Let’s teach BODY SAFETY! Together, as a community, we can do this! I know this issue is uncomfortable for most, but step out of your comfort zone. Our kids need us look at this issue square in the eye by providing them with knowledge and skills they need. Forewarned is forearmed!



Jay Sanders

Jayneen (Jay) Sanders is an experienced primary school teacher and a successful children's book author. She is also the mother of three teenage girls and has been a primary school councillor for over seven years. Her time spent in primary schools inspired her to ask: ‘What are we doing in schools to protect our children from sexual interference?’ When she realised very little was actually being done, she decided to write a book to help parents, carers and teachers to broach the subject of self-protection and to encourage children to speak up.