If you are a woman, remember this...


This poem is dedicated to the young woman I met on the weekend.

Don’t say sorry before you speak. Just speak. What you have to say is important. 
Don’t say sorry because you are taking up space. It’s your space, you own it.
Don’t say sorry because you don’t want that drink he wants you to have.
Don’t say sorry because you want a night in not out.
Don’t say sorry because your boss screwed up, not you.
Don’t say sorry because you love dessert and no one else does. 
Don’t say sorry because your test results were higher than his.
Don’t say sorry because your body can’t do what others can do.
Don’t say sorry when a customer shouts at you.
Don’t say sorry when he wants sex and you don’t. 
Don’t say sorry for being a woman.

Jayneen Sanders

Jayneen Sanders is a mother, a teacher, an advocate for the prevention of child abuse, an advocate for gender equality, and the author of empowering children’s books including Who Am I? I Am Me!, No Difference Between Us, No Means No!, Pearl Fairweather, Pirate Captain, and Resilience.


Jay Sanders

Jayneen (Jay) Sanders is an experienced primary school teacher and a successful children's book author. She is also the mother of three teenage girls and has been a primary school councillor for over seven years. Her time spent in primary schools inspired her to ask: ‘What are we doing in schools to protect our children from sexual interference?’ When she realised very little was actually being done, she decided to write a book to help parents, carers and teachers to broach the subject of self-protection and to encourage children to speak up.