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Be the Difference

Be the Difference

40+ ideas for kids to create positive change using empathy, kindness, equality and environmental awareness

Over 40 powerful and interactive ideas on how kids and the people who love them can contribute to positive change.

Using child-friendly text and beautiful illustrations, the focus is on three key areas: empathy and kindness, racial and gender equality, and caring for the environment.

We know from research that 'doing good is good for you'. The participant benefits both mentally and physically. Encouraging a mindset of giving and being part of positive change when a child is young, makes for a kinder and more caring world.

This book provides ideas for actionable change. The text can be read over a number of sessions by children, or to children by parents and caregivers, or integrated into a classroom setting.

There are in-depth Discussion Questions/ideas to encourage meaningful conversations and further ideas for positive change.

Suitable for children 3-6 Years and 7-11 Years


"Jayneen Sanders has done an incredible job incorporating all of the differences we can make to our everyday lives to make this world a beautiful and better place. The book is all about respecting each other as well as our planet. Like all of Jayneen’s books, it includes discussion questions which extends the learnings of this book. Level Playground endorses this book 100%."
Level Playground (EDVOS)

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