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Little BIG Chats

Little BIG Chats

12 little books to help kids unpack BIG topics

Meet 12 wonderful kids as they explore 12 ‘tricky topics’ in the Little Big Chats series

The Little BIG Chats series of 12 books has been written to assist parents, caregivers and educators to have open and age-appropriate conversations with early learners around crucial, and yet at times, ‘tough’ topics. And what better way than using children’s picture books! Some pages will have questions for children to interact with and discuss. Feel free to use these questions and the Discussion Questions provided on the inside back cover of each book to delve into the topic being explored. Stop at any time to unpack the text together; and try to follow the child’s lead wherever that conversation may take you!

There are 12 books in the Little BIG Chats series:

  • Empathy: Exploring the meaning of empathy and kindness
  • I Always Try: Developing a growth mindset of resilience and persistence
  • Feelings: Understanding different feelings and emotions
  • Everyone is Equal: Introducing the importance of gender equality and diversity
  • Around the World: Celebrating the importance of racial equality and diversity
  • Mindfulness: Exploring the importance of mindfulness and learning calming skills
  • Families: Celebrating diversity in families
  • Consent: Introducing consent and body boundaries
  • My Safety Network: Introducing a Safety Network (3 to 5 trusted adults a child can go to if they feel unsafe)
  • My Early Warning Signs: Exploring Early Warning Signs and what to do if a child experiences these signs
  • Private Parts are Private: Learning private parts are private and what to do if touched inappropriately
  • Secrets and Surprises: Learning the difference between secrets and surprises

The Body Safety titles should ideally be read in the following order:
Consent, My Safety Network, My Early Warning Signs,
Private Parts are Private, and Secrets and Surprises.
The remaining titles can be read in any order.

Suitable for Ages 0-2 and Ages 3-6


"I bought several of the books in this series and they've been great learning tools for my twins. We've read them a few times and the other day my son gave up on something saying he "couldn't do it". His twin sister reminded him that "we always try... You know, like the book says. Now try again and I bet you will get better". It was so sweet!"

Amazon Customer

This book is the first book of the body series collection. There are five books in total and I have read all of them in their recommended order, and I am so thankful for the author for providing families and educators an easy method of protecting our children, and easing our worrying parental minds.

Each book builds on the previous topic to overall educate the reader that they always have agency over their body, what they say goes, what to do if you feel unsafe, what to say, who to tell, how feeling unsafe feels in our body, and so much more.

Each book is 5-7 pages long, no more than 3-5 sentences between two pages and every word is impactful; simple for a 2 year old to understand like, “I’m the boss of my body.” and at the same time can understandably make an adult feel uncomfortable when thinking about the groundwork of prevention this book is providing. There is no discussion about scary situations one reads on the news, examples of personal safety are scoped down to a two year old level, for example a child pushing another child, a grandmother asking for a kiss, everyday situations that help a child learn they can use their voice to say no or yes or going to a grown up they trust to tell them their feelings.

I recommend this book and the whole collection to everyone I know and even to strangers at the library or online. My child has already used the language to protect themselves in preschool from other students who try to take away a toy, wants to hug them, or when another student puts a toy close to their face; my child will now extend their hand out, say no, or stop it or I don’t like that and then go tell an adult.

As a parent, I’m now confident in my child’s ability to advocate for themselves and tell me if anything is bothering them.

Amazon Customer

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