What languages are your books available in?

Our books are initially written and published in English, and made available for purchase via our website shop and also on Amazon sites.

We have a number of titles translated and available on Amazon:

  • "Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept" is available in Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, German, and French translations.

  • Spanish editions of "No Means No!", "You, Me and Empathy", and "No Difference Between Us" are also available.

Some books have also been translated to local languages and are available in:

Can you translate the posters into another language?

We have a number of non-English versions of the My Body Safety Rules and Early Warning Signs posters already available. These translations have been made possible with the help of many people from around the world who have provided us with translated text content. If you don’t see your native language listed, you can submit a translation, and we will put it into a poster for you!