Helping Kids at home

The Helping Kids at Home series consists of 12 interactive Game Books and 12 Skill Books for individual use. This series reinforces key concepts taught at school in a fun and engaging way. Children learn best when they are immersed in the educational content and these books aim to involve the child fully in their learning.

  • Level 1: Getting Started (4–5 years)
  • Level 2: Moving On (6–7 years)
  • Level 3: Taking Off (8-9 years)

Specifications for all
Helping Kids at Home books:

Trim size: 210 mm x 275 mm (8.3x 10.8 inches)
Extent: 32pp + cover + sticker/card inserts
Text: 4c x 4c
Cover: 4c x 0c
World rights available

Helping Kids at Home Game Books encourage kids to learn mathematics, reading and word development concepts through activities and games that are fun yet simple to play. There are 12 books in the Game Book series.


Helping Kids at Home Skill Books provide fun and interactive activities that reinforce all the concepts taught at school. These books used, stickers, games and interactive tasks to reinforce mathematics and literacy concepts. These consumable books are for individual use.  There are 12 books in the Skill Book series.

Sample spread from Word games level 2


Sample spread from Word Study level 1

The Helping Kids at Home series has been developed by widely-published Australian educators Jenny Feely and Jay Dale, who individually have over twenty years of classroom experience.