Manuscript Submissions

Regretfully we don't publish anything we have not originated ourselves. This is a business decision that keeps the size of our company manageable and our publishing focused on the areas that we are interested in serving. We have very limited resources and must consequently avoid over committing ourselves.

There is a good variety of self publishing and assisted publishing options available via the internet nowadays. Making a book (perhaps just a Kindle book initially) is very straight forward. Publishing a book is not an issue anymore. The challenge is marketing and distribution. Typically the marketing of books is falling more and more to the author. Even large traditional publishers are going to want to know more about your marketing skills and social media savvy/numbers than they are about your writing skills. If we were considering a new project now, the first and foremost question would be about who is our audience and how can we reach them. When you know the answer to those questions you have the potential for a financially viable project.

We are really sorry we can't be of any more help.

Best wishes and good luck with your project.