Provide a translation

We would be delighted to create a version of our posters in languages other than English if you are able to provide the translated text. We will then make it freely available for download.


  1. Download one of our pdf templates.

  2. Open the pdf in Adobe Reader (not your web browser).

  3. Enter your translation

  4. Save the pdf and attach it to an email to We will make the new version and send you a draft pdf to check.

  5. Check drafts and return any corrections via email. We will post the final approved version on our website for free downloading.


  • Keep the text length to a minimum. The longer the text, the smaller it has to be to fit in and it starts to read like a book.

  • Get as much feedback on your translation as possible before you send it to us for paging. Getting the words right is surprisingly difficult and feedback/suggestions from others can be very helpful. Feedback from people with experience in this area is particularly valuable.

Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to do this. We hope that it can contribute towards a better world.