Talking About Feelings

Talking About Feelings: A book to help children unpack, understand, and manage their feelings and emotions

Children, particularly young children, do not have the vocabulary or the experience to draw upon to express exactly how they are feeling. This book has been designed to assist parents, caregivers, teachers and health professionals to help children understand what they are feeling and why they might feel that way, and to encourage them to talk about and describe their feelings and emotions in a non-pressured, guided and safe environment.

The questions in this book are suggestions only. The adult who is using this book with the child needs to follow the child's lead in order to have a meaningful and authentic discussion. Talking about challenging emotions and accumulating a ready bank of 'feeling' words helps a child to better express their emotions rather than act them out through negative behaviours. Providing children with the skills and words to express their feelings is key to helping them move forward in a positive way.

Children's Picture Book
Author: Jayneen Sanders
Illustrator: Cherie Zamazing
Translation rights not available for: Vietnam
Ages: 4 to 10 years
Trim size: (soft cover) 216 mm x 280 mm (8.5 x 11 inches)
Extent: 40pp + cover
Text: 4c x 4c
Cover: 4c
ISBN: 9781925089073