Boys abuse in home first: sex study

Adrian Lowe at

... the occurrence of sibling incest could most likely be linked to the availability of victims to the perpetrators, and for a child who had experienced many types of abuse, a response to that trauma may be overly sexualised behaviour.

'There were certainly cases where the child was jealous and angry towards their sibling but there seemed to be some very strong indications that those children were very, very angry with their parents, and the way to get at their parents was to abuse the other children.''

Of the jealous anger conclusions, Professor Quirk said: ''Within the limitations of this particular study, what [that] suggests is that the children … who had grown up in a difficult environment, one of the ways of managing difficult emotions for them are the behaviours that they have either been subjected to themselves, or they have witnessed, or that they have learnt to engage in.''

But boys who sexually abuse siblings because of a jealous anger were less likely to offend in the community.

Researchers also concluded that sibling incest was the most common form of family sexual abuse, at least five times more common than parent-child incest.

It is remarkable how much of a child's behaviour is modeled on even their parent's most negative and destructive behaviour. Then again it's probably the most natural thing in the world when you think about it. Children of smokers, smoke; drinkers drink; abusers abuse. If we could stop these behaviours for one generation they would hopefully disappear.  If.