Spotlight on children abusing children

This very short news report has a powerful series of quotes that should put the idea of stranger danger in an even more unpalatable perspective.  

A report for the Australian Crime Commission in 2010 found that between 40 to 90 per cent of the sexual abuse of children is perpetrated by their peers.
"A significant proportion of it obviously takes place in families."
The conference also heard the internet is playing a big role in the sexualisation of children.
"The sexual knowledge that children have today is actually quite staggering and the internet has played a significant role in delivering that information.
"This needs to be not taboo any more, it needs to be be acknowledged so that the children aren't left isolated."
Ms Little says there should be a national education program.

Damn right there should be a national education program!

The other aspects that these quotes illustrate is that child sexual abuse is an issue that needs to be tackled on many fronts. Significant contributors to the problem include poor or non existent sex education, the sexualisation of children through the media for commercial gains, and adolescents forming their views of appropriate sexual behavior (and relationships) from online pornography.

Why do these problems exist? I suspect it is because most adults are uncomfortable discussing sex, having sex, possibly even thinking about sex. I fear that many adults wince to varying degrees when they even see the word printed.

SEX, SEX, SEX.   There. Get over it.