'I am a real victim of child pornography and it affects me every day and everywhere I go'

This victim impact statement is of course disturbing but it does provide insight to how grooming works and the central role of secrets in child sexual abuse.

My uncle started to abuse me when I was only 4 years old. He used what I now know are the common ways that abusers get their victims ready for abuse and keep them silent: he told me that I was special, that he loved me, and that we had our own ‘special secrets’.

And while secrets are the abuser's most powerful tool, pornography is a central and seldom absent element that is part tool in this case and part cause. Pornography is a sort of self fulfilling prophecy. It is both a reflection of some (many?) men's attitudes to women as well as  a powerful force which helps form and transform individuals attitudes as well. Seldom for the better.