NSPCC charity in 'pants' campaign against child sex abuse

The problem in a nutshell:
The charity says a survey it commissioned showed that half of parents asked had never spoken to their children about the issue.
A total of 1,200 parents took part in the research by YouGov and of those who said they had talked to their children, 43% said it had been a difficult conversation.

Ok. By the numbers. 57% of the half that did have the conversation, did not find it a difficult conversation. That works out at 28.5% of the entire population. The goal then is to support the other 71.5% so that they feel that it is not an insurmountable issue.

Children's minister Edward Timpson said: "Simple conversations can help keep children safe from sexual abuse. This is a great campaign to help parents and carers feel more comfortable explaining difficult issues to their children."

Yes it is a great campaign. Yes too to it being a simple thing. We need to educate the population at large so that they come to see that it is a simple conversation. A conversation that also needs to be ongoing. One that reinforces the original message and builds on it as the child becomes developmentally ready for it.