Increase in child sexual abuse cases in Upstate a big worry

While this article starts with an appalling case it largely deals with increase in child sexual abuse prosecutions ("... up about 30 percent from several years ago ...") and the resulting issues. 

“I think most people would rather not know that this is happening and not know that it’s happening at such a high rate,” Galloway-Williams said. They also “would not want to know that it’s happening in their own backyards, in their own churches.”
“This is a real problem. It’s a real problem in Greenville,” she said. “There are no boundaries to it. It can impact anyone, all walks of life.”

It's not only a problem in Greenville.  If all the facts were known and appreciated it would be judged significant 'news' if it wasn't happening in Greenville.

To counter the opinion that all crimes should be treated evenly this argument is made:

To those who would argue that cases of children killed by drunk drivers or women killed by their husbands should receive the same attention, Wilkins said, “They’re all very important. But they don’t involve individuals who had no ability to protect themselves.”

That is the difference. Children are the perfect victims. Only adults can speak for them and some adults let children down so badly. It is up to our society to look out for them and so strengthen our community. By looking after them we look after ourselves.

“Ideally, we would never want it to happen in the first place,” Wilkins said. “Education and prevention is obviously the most preferred mechanism. However, reality is that these occur.”      

Absolutely. We need to fight child abuse on two fronts. Prosecute the guilty to the nth degree. I don't have a problem with that. But we need to dry up the supply of vulnerable victims. Reduce the pool that they feed in by educating children in body safety.