Experts say children sexually abusing children is not that rare

For all too many stranger danger is mistakenly thought of as the greatest danger to our children when it comes to sexual abuse. For those of us who have moved on past that self-serving myth our attention is usually focused on step fathers, uncles, coaches, priests, and biological fathers. Often overlooked and not on the proactive parent's radar is the very statistically significant  threat of other children. 

Pre-teen and teenage boys account for more than one-third of sexual crimes involving other children reported to police in the United States, according to a 2009 U.S. Department of Justice study about juveniles who commit sex offenses against children.

The study also found that over 90 percent of juvenile perpetrators of child sexual crimes are boys, and that when the victim is a boy, he is usually younger than 12. This is because male juvenile offenders “tend to focus on much younger and sexually immature boys rather than their peers.”

The good news is:

“With effective treatment, the recidivism rate is extremely low.”