... open discussion as way to prevent child sexual abuse

I'm blown away by this. Community Cafés are new to me.

Community Café employs the World Café Process of developing grassroots leadership to talk deeply about issues that really matter to a community. The process has proven effective in tackling complex issues worldwide.

I don't know about other issues or cases but the series dealing with Child Sexual Abuse Prevention has hit an impressive series of home runs in my opinion. I read a lot of articles on this subject and their key findings resonate strongly with my current thinking. They are remarkably lucid and succinct leaving me unable to paraphrase. The first one and sets the tone well.

  • It is difficult and distasteful to talk about children being sexually exploited. To talk about it, we have to confront our own feelings of embarrassment, anger, fear and shame. But we recognize that by not talking about it, we allow the perpetrators to continue.

I'd love to quote them all but that would not be fair. Please go to the article and read them. They are so spot on. They conclude:

... in order to prevent child sexual abuse we have to be able to talk about it. We can’t afford to pretend it doesn’t happen or that it can’t happen. We have to have multiple avenues for adults and children to talk about sexuality in healthy, appropriate ways. Children need to feel it is OK to ask questions of trusted adults. We can be those trusted adults for the children in our lives, and we can urge the medical community, schools, and religious organizations to become proactive partners with parents and caregivers.

It is impossible for me to overstate my resounding agreement with this sentiment.