Family-abuse children 'unprotected', commissioner warns

You don't see child sexual abuse within the family mentioned by almost anyone. It is the last unspoken taboo. Heartening to see it starting to get discussed especially since it is probably the most prevalent kind. Rarely tackled directly.

The Office of the Children's Commissioner in the UK has launched a 2 year inquiry into how to best to tackle the problem of child sexual abuse. Commenting on a recently released report based on an analysis of 57,226 research studies into child sexual abuse England's deputy children's commissioner Sue Berelowitz said:

It showed there were "glaring omissions" in what was known about abuse in family environments ...
"Alarming gaps" in knowledge about abuse within families mean "substantial numbers" of children are not adequately protected ...

Report author Dr Miranda Horvath:

"Child victim-survivors' voices and first-hand experiences were absent from the vast majority of the research we reviewed for this rapid evidence assessment.
"It is imperative that future research and the work of the inquiry brings these to the fore using ethical but innovative methods, with the well-being of the child at the centre.
"At the same time, we need to know more about programmes that are focused on preventing family-based child sexual abuse before it occurs, in order to take a preventative rather than reactive approach."

All good steps in the right direction.