A beautiful lie on child abuse

It’s hard to imagine any beauty in the notion of strangers lurking behind every lamp post in America, desperate to kidnap children. But it is more attractive than the truth about who actually harms kids.

This article raises an interesting conundrum.  Which course of action will minimize the child's risk of sexual abuse?

A. Leaving a 9 year old girl unsupervised for many hours in a public park while the parent works

B. Taking the child from the parent and putting it into foster care.

The author was not sure of the figures in relation to foster care and neither am I but I am sure they are appallingly high.

Two of the first statistics anyone researching child sexual abuse learns is, it's very common, and most of it is committed by someone the child knows. And right there people generally start disengaging from the lesson.

Because they can't/don't want to accept the lesson they continually make the wrong decisions when it comes to children's welfare. There is a bigger lesson there.