12 things the media should have highlighted when a 5-year-old was murdered in Lahore

I missed the original story out of Pakistan but every aspect of the author's observations ring true.

... the media missed the opportunity to highlight, through its vast network, the importance of educating children, parents and caregivers about the issue of child sexual abuse; the need for strong and effective legislation against child sexual abuse; or the dearth of specialised care and rehabilitation for survivors, their families and the juvenile sex offenders. Most of the media ended up with sensationalised coverage of the case, highlighting gory details of the event and later, after the murderer was apprehended, asking irrelevant questions and details to cause further shock and awe.

This could happen in any free market economy. I'm talking about the reporting not the abuse/murder. The original crime could have occurred in any type of economy. The motivation for that is apparently and regrettably universal. We are however naive if we believe that the media thinks it has a responsibility to serve society. The rapid transformation of our news sources to their online versions has made the commercialisation of news much more obvious. 'Click bait' is the term for the most egregious form of it but all news from commercial sources is now selected and packaged to attract the most 'eyeballs'. They support themselves with advertising. They need to offer advertisers value for money and now they can measure eyeballs by counting clicks. The advent of online news means that while the potential market has expanded to anyone with an internet connection the corollary of that is that anyone with an internet connection can publish 'news' back the other way. Intense competition and human nature has resulted in a 'rush to the bottom'.

The bottom line in this and all too many cases is that the salacious details of child rape and murder are much more 'interesting' (dare I say 'entertaining') than the more abstract but likely to be encountered facts of child sexual abuse. People in aggregate can be very ugly.