State should fund rehab for paedophiles, say Centres Against Sexual Assault

There needs to be state funding for adult programs because once you’ve got an adult who’s offending they will have a lot of victims,” Ms Worth said. “The number can vary but that’s expensive for the state, so at one level it’s a cost saving to treat them before they get to the point of offending and then having to provide services for victims to deal with what’s happened to them.

Unfortunately it is a hard sell to do the sensible and productive thing. One gets the impression that most people favour castration, perpetual incarceration and execution - in that order.  As homosexuality was considered a lifestyle choice in the past many consider pedophilia to be a moral choice as well. If we treated it as a sickness instead and sort productive management strategies or even 'cures' we could prevent many lives being damaged. We need to get over our immediate visceral reaction to pedophilia and seek productive and pragmatic approaches to proactively keeping our children safe.