Royal commission backs preschool programs

Child sexual abuse prevention has many factors and we sometimes hear children should not  be expected to prevent it themselves. Clearly they should not but it is a bit like taking the seat belts out of cars because people should be more careful and not crash into each other.  We as adults should put everything we can in place to protect them but if we fail they need seat belts. There is nothing else between them and a life time of misery. Misery for the child and lifetime regret for ourselves. Great to hear the Royal commission has come to the same conclusion.

The report says prevention programs appear to be “effective at increasing young children’s ability to detect inappropriate touch requests”.

They also boost their skills “around what to do and say, who to tell and what to report if confronted by an inappropriate touch request”.

Every adult who is responsible for a child should be teaching Body Safety at home and positively agitating for it being taught in all levels of school but especially in the early years of 3 to 8.