1. Teach children the correct names for their body parts.
  2. Explain that our private body parts are those under our bathing suit (also include the mouth).
  3. Instruct that no-one can touch your private body parts or show you pictures of private body parts.
  4. Explain you must never touch another person's private body parts even if an older child or adult asks you to.
  5. Discuss Early Warning Signs, i.e. sweaty palms, racing heart, sick tummy; always act on your early warning signs.
  6. You can shout, "Stop" or "No!" (hand held out) if touched on your private body parts.

  7. Tell a trusted adult straightaway if you are: touched on your private body parts, shown pictures of private body parts, or your Early Warning Signs kick in.

  8. Keep on telling until you are believed.

  9. Never keep secrets that make you feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

  10. Be strong, be brave and ALWAYS speak out!

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