• The Operation CAPE Podcast is a Child Abuse Prevention and Education podcast for parents.
    With specific information, advice and tools to assist and guide parents in keeping their kids safe from abuse.

    The Operation CAPE Podcast
  • Join neuroscientist Cindy Hovington on her podcast Curious Neuron as she breaks down the science of parental emotional well-being and the emotional development in children. 

    Curious Neuron
  • SafeR Journeys is a podcast offering tips, advice, and insights for parents, educators, and caregivers on discussing sensitive topics with children. Learn how to ensure the well-being of our community's youth.

    SafeR Journeys Podcast
  • Kicbump

    It’s every parents’ worst nightmare to think of something happening to their kid. But Jayneen’s work seeks to empower kids to become the boss of their bodies and teach parents how they can model respectful behaviour and boundaries at home.

  • The Operation CAPE Podcast

    Kristi McVee Speaks with Jayneen Sanders about body safety, consent, inclusion, feelings, respectful relationships and other important conversations for our children in the prevention of child sexual abuse and healthy childhoods.

  • Talking in Common

    Kate & Sophie discuss the importanance of Body Safety Education and are are joined by Jayneen Sanders who is an author, educator and advocate for body safety, gender equality and respectful relationships.

  • For Our Special Kids

    We are speak with Jayneen Sanders, an author and publisher, dedicated addressing the issue of abuse. We talk about everything from body safety and the words to use when addressing our children and asking for permission. 

  • Curious Neuron

    Join us as we chat about teaching young child body safety and consent with Jayneen Sanders, an educator, mother of three, and author of more than 100 stories for children with a focus on age-appropriate and empowering prevention education.

  • Teach Starter

    Teach Starter speak with Jayneen Sanders, a teacher, former school counsellor and author. She’s a strong public advocate for children’s safety, education and empowerment.

  • The Playful Psychologist

    I had the pleasure of interviewing Jayneen Sanders, who is the author of SO many of the gorgeous books on my IG feed including her brand new series for kids aged 2-6,  Little Big Chats. It was truly fascinating to hear about the inspiration behind Jayneen's books and I hope her story inspires you guys,

  • SafeR Journeys

    This bonus episode features an interview with children's book author, Jayneen Sanders, of Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept. Jayneen has written many children's books designed to educate and empower children. Her books are an instrumental tool used to protect children from experiencing or perpetuating harm.

  • Doing 'IT'

    In this episode, author and publisher Jayneen Sanders talks about her vision to empower young people from a young age with body safety information and protective behaviours. Her aim is to help keep children safe from abuse.

  • The Kindness Project Pt.1

    We talk about Living in the moment, Philosophy Weekly and we have part 1 of our interview with Jayneen Sanders

  • The Kindness Project Pt.2

    We talkabout Extroverts and Introverts, Relaxing Sounds and we have part 2 of our interview with Jayneen Sanders

  • LifeMommyandBabes

    In this episode we go through the book 'My Body! What I Say Goes!' and discuss each topic. This book is super important, and we highly recommend you reading and teaching it to your child!

  • The Catherine Plano Podcast

    Catherine Plano is here today with Jayneen Sanders, she is an experienced classroom teacher, mother of three daughters and the author of a number of children’s book on safe and unsafe touch such as ‘Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept’ and 'No Means No!'