Company History

Educate2Empower Publishing was initially established in 2014 to ensure Jayneen's first book ‘Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept’ was published and into the community where it was needed. However, on publication of this book, Jayneen could see that much more work was needed in this space to empower children. As Jayneen says, 'A book is not just a book when in a classroom. It needs lesson plans, activities and reinforcement tasks.' For Educate2Empower Publishing this was the next step.

While relief teaching, Jayneen observed one young girl and how she was being treated by many of the boys in her class. She watched as the young girl was too shy to say anything when pushed or teased. Jayneen asked this little girl to place her hand out and say, 'Stop! I don't like that!' Sadly, she could not. This instance lead to Jayneen writing her second book under the Educate2Empower banner, ‘No Means No!’— to teach children about personal boundaries, respect, consent and choices. ‘Body Safety Education: A parent’s guide to protecting kids from sexual abuse’ was another important resource subsequently developed, and so the Educate2Empower Publishing imprint started to grow...


‘My Body! What I Say Goes!’ has reached best-seller status in Children’s Safety Books on Amazon several times and 'Let's Talk About Body Boundaries, Consent and Respect' continues to be a number 1 best-seller in Safety for Children also on Amazon. As well as writing over 20 children’s books covering the topics of body safety, respect, consent, gender equality, social and emotional intelligence, inclusion and diversity, Jayneen has also created posters, worksheets, teaching notes, lesson plans, and has written a comprehensive and affordable Primary and Pre-school Teacher’s Resource Kit for Body Safety and Respectful Relationships Education.


Recognising that empowering children and protecting them from abuse is enhanced through early education in gender equality and social and emotional intelligence, Jayneen has written several children's books in these spaces, with more in production. The Educate2Empower collection of children's books and FREE resources also help to address topics such as domestic violence, bullying, racism, discrimination, and mental health issues - all very relevant to our current communities. Educate2Empower Publishing now offers specific book bundles to teach Body Safety & Consent, Gender Equality, or Social & Emotional Intelligence, as well as an overall bundle for Empowerment.

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