Educate2Empower Publishing is an international award winning niché children's book publisher who specializes in children's books on BODY SAFETY, CONSENT, GENDER EQUALITY, RESPECTFUL RELATIONSHIPS, and SOCIAL and EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE. Our books combine beautiful illustrations with key educational concepts capturing both the child's imagination as well as teaching them messages crucial to their development and safety. Educate2Empower Publishing also provides free resources for parents, caregivers and educators on these important topics.

Jayneen Sanders’ books do a wonderful job of helping parents to teach their children body safety and confidence in their own intuition. It’s sometimes not easy to talk about or teach these things, but it is very necessary living in the world we do. This is where Jay comes in… with sensitivity, lightness and wisdom she opens up these important conversations and helps children better understand their feelings, their bodies, their boundaries and what being safe feels like. Jayneen is an excellent writer.
— Maggie Dent, Parent Educator