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Empowerment VALUE BUNDLE

Empowerment VALUE BUNDLE

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An inspiring collection of beautifully illustrated books that will empower children and help create a safer and happier community for the future.

The 21 Books in the Empowerment Value Bundle cover a range of topics including:

Body Safety: body boundaries, respect, consent, feelings and emotions, choices, recognizing bullying behaviours.

Social & Emotional Intelligence: Feelings and emotions, anxiety, mindfulness and other calming strategies, inclusion, diversity, resilience, personal strengths, community and social responsibility.

Gender Equality:

Optional Extra: 68 Lesson Plans, Including key outcomes, teaching notes, resource masters, whole class and individual activities integrated with the reading of the books to help convey these important and empowering topics to children.

Empower the next generation with this comprehensive collection and give children the tools they need to create a safer, kinder and more inclusive world.

Titles included in bundle


Johnathon’s home is not a happy one. But, as he soon learns, there is always hope that things might change.

‘Hope’ was written to provide children in family violence homes with a sense of hope and to lessen the traumatic effects of their living situations. It aims to help children voice their concerns and their fears, and to express these with an adult or adults they trust such as a family member, teacher, caregiver or the police. Too often children in these environments blame themselves for the violence in their homes and take on the burden of shame and guilt. This book aims to reassure children that family violence is never ever their fault, and that there is also hope that things might change.

‘Hope’ was developed with the assistance of FVREE (Free From Family Violence) and Anglicare Victoria to support adults on how to provide a safe and supportive response when children share their experiences of family violence. The book emphasises that children are never to blame for family violence and that the accountability lies with the person choosing to use violence.

‘Hope’ includes a Safety Plan developed by FVREE that can be used by health professionals working with children, early years educators, teachers and family members or friends who might know a child that may be experiencing family violence.

A range of supporting documents are available to download from the Level Playground website.

ABC of Body Safety and Consent

Explore the ABCs of Body Safety and Consent!

Let’s educate children with essential and empowering skills in body safety and consent. The 26 'key' letters and accompanying text will support children as they learn and consolidate age-appropriate, crucial and life-changing body safety and consent skills. Designed as a 'dip-in-dip-out' book, the text, the child-centred questions and the stunning illustrations will reinforce key skills such as consent, respect, body boundaries, safe and unsafe touch, early warning signs, safety network, private parts, and the difference between secrets and surprises.

Thought-provoking questions are provided on each page so children can bring their own experiences into the narrative. Further Discussion Questions to spark open and meaningful conversations are also included.

Body Safety Education

A comprehensive step-by-step guide for parents, caregivers and educators on how to protect children from sexual abuse through body safety education.

It’s an adult’s responsibility to protect children from abuse, and that means educating themselves and the children in their care with the empowering skills and knowledge of body safety. This essential guide contains simple, practical and age-appropriate skills that adults can teach children, as well as important information on how abusers groom and what to do if a child discloses.

Body safety knowledge empowers children. It goes a long way in keeping them safe from sexual abuse, and ensuring they grow up as assertive and confident teenagers and adults. There is no downside!

Let's Talk About Body Boundaries, Consent & Respect

Everyone has a body boundary and everyone’s body boundary needs to be respected.

This engaging and beautifully illustrated book will spark empowering conversations around body boundaries, consent and respect. Written in a child-friendly and easily understood manner, the text offers familiar scenarios for children to engage with and discuss.

We know that teaching young children about body boundaries, both theirs and others, is crucial to a child's growing sense of self, their confidence and how they should expect to be treated by others. Children will learn that they have a right to their own personal space but just as importantly, they need to respect another’s body boundary and ask for consent when entering their personal space.

Included are in-depth Discussion Questions for parents, caregivers and educators to further enhance the learning, and to initiate important conversations around body boundaries, consent and respect.

My Body! What I Say Goes!

Empower children with crucial skills in body safety and consent to help protect them from inappropriate touch.

With engaging illustrations and age-appropriate text, ‘My Body! What I Say Goes!’ will equip children with the knowledge and confidence to speak up if they feel unsafe.

Written by the award-winning author of ‘Let's Talk About Body Boundaries, Consent & Respect’ and ‘Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept’, this essential book will teach children the following important and empowering skills in personal body safety:

identifying safe and unsafe feelings

recognizing early warning signs

developing a safety network

using the correct names for private parts

understanding the difference between safe and unsafe touch

understanding the difference between secrets and surprises

respecting body boundaries.

Throughout the text, open-ended questions are provided so children can bring their own experiences into the conversation. In-depth Discussion Questions are featured to further unpack these important skills.

This book has an accompanying 16-page Activity Book to consolidate and reinforce the learning.

Books to empower children to say in a strong and clear voice, ‘This is my body! What I say goes!’

My Body! What I Say Goes! Activity Book

This 16-page Activity Book has been designed as a companion to the children's picture book 'My Body! What I Say Goes!'. The interactive activities in this book reinforce and consolidate the crucial body safety and consent skills taught in 'My Body! What I Say Goes!' picture book.

It is available for purchase with the picture book in the My Body! What I Say Goes! Activity Book Bundle.

No Means No!

Meet an empowered little girl who knows all about body boundaries, consent and respect, and her right to say ‘No!’ when it comes to her personal space.

‘No Means No!’ endeavours to teach young children that they have a body boundary and people, young and old, need to respect this boundary and ask for consent before entering it. Using engaging illustrations which focus on familiar scenarios such as greetings, tickling games and bath time, children will come to understand that they have a voice and every right to speak up when they feel unhappy, unsafe or uncomfortable. A strong, confident voice as a young child converts to a strong, confident pre-teen, teenager and adult.

‘No Means No!’ can be used as a springboard for ongoing discussions around body autonomy and consent.

Also included a comprehensive Note to Reader and in-depth Discussion Questions for parents, caregivers and educators to further enhance the learning, and to initiate important conversations around body boundaries, consent and respect.

Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept

Meet brave little Sir Alfred. A courageous young boy who comes to understand that some secrets should never ever be kept.

‘Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept’ is a beautifully illustrated picture book that sensitively broaches the subject of safe and unsafe touch. Written as a fable, this story seeks to teach children in an age-appropriate way, what to do if they are ever touch inappropriately. A timeless tale that will empower children to speak up when they feel unsafe.

The comprehensive Note to the Reader and Discussion Questions support both the reader and the child when discussing the story.

No Difference Between Us

Jess and Ben are twins. Jess is a girl and Ben is a boy but in all the BIG ways, there is NO difference between them!

Combining cheerful illustrations and a familiar narrative, this book will help children to understand that, fundamentally, people are more the same than they are different. Children are visual learners and the match between illustrations and text in this story will assist them in reocgnizing that we are all human – everyone feels, and everyone has hopes and dreams. Our gender should never label us or limit our potential.

Throughout the text, open-ended questions are provided so children can voice their own experiences. Further in-depth Discussion Questions are provided encouraging the reader and the child to consider each scenario and engage with the message.

The Not-So-Perfect Princess and the Not-So-Dreadful Dragon

Meet the amazing Princess Petal! Who is absolutely NOT what you would expect a 'perfect' princess to be.

In fact, Princess Petal is quite the opposite. Her princess dresses are torn and scruffy, she wears an old woolly hat instead of a golden crown and she is very (very) loud. So when Princess Petal meets a fire-breathing dragon while out hiking in the forest, both are in for a bit of a shock!

An enchanting tale about friendship, diversity, acceptance and being exactly who we are meant to be. The moral behind this story is imperative yet simple: we are all different and that's okay, making judgements and assumptions about people is NOT okay, and all genders should be treated equally.

Comprehensive Discussion Questions for parents, caregivers and educators are included to help unpack this important topic with children.

Who Am I? I Am Me!

Frankie loves what Frankie loves! The choice is always Frankie's.

Allowing your child to do the things they love and simply be themselves is one of the greatest gifts you can provide. In this engaging and beautifully illustrated story, we learn Frankie loves dress-ups, playing soccer, visiting Grandpa, cooking pancakes, and so much more. Through Frankie's active and fun encounters, readers soon find out that in Frankie's world there are no gendered roles – kids are just kids!

Included are extensive Discussion Questions for parents, caregivers and educators, and extra tips on how to reduce gender stereotyping in daily life.

Pearl Fairweather, Pirate Captain

Follow the adventures of Captain Pearl Fairweather – a brave, fair and strong pirate captain!

Captain Pearl and her diverse crew of twenty-four women sail the seven seas on the good ship, Harmony, looking only for adventure. All is well, until the day Captain Sandy McCross sails into their lives and demands to take over Pearl's ship!

This beautifully illustrated children's picture book explores crucial issues such as gender equality, respectful relationships, empowerment, diversity, leadership, bullying behaviours, self-esteem, the prevention of violence, and conflict resolution.

The aim of this book is to empower young girls to be strong, assertive, self-confident and self-reliant, and for boys to respect that empowerment, and to embrace and value it.

Comprehensive Discussion Questions are included to further draw out the learning.

Be the Difference

Over 40 powerful and interactive ideas on how kids and the people who love them can contribute to positive change.

Using child-friendly text and beautiful illustrations, the focus is on three key areas: empathy and kindness, racial and gender equality, and caring for the environment.

We know from research that 'doing good is good for you'. The participant benefits both mentally and physically. Encouraging a mindset of giving and being part of positive change when a child is young, makes for a kinder and more caring world.

This book provides ideas for actionable change. The text can be read over a number of sessions by children, or to children by parents and caregivers, or integrated into a classroom setting.

There are in-depth Discussion Questions/ideas to encourage meaningful conversations and further ideas for positive change.

Everyone’s Invited!

Welcome to Theodore’s world where EVERYONE is invited!

In Theodore's community everyone is included. It doesn't matter who you are, what you can or can't do, where you come from or what you look like, in Theodore's community, everyone's invited!

Using playful rhythm and rhyme, and a host of colourful and unique characters from many and varied cultures, this beautifully illustrated and engaging book celebrates the importance of being part of an inclusive and diverse community.

Also included are thought-provoking Discussion Questions and activities to promote inclusion and diversity.

Let's celebrate our differences and create a world where everyone feels valued and accepted.

Hey There! What’s your Superpower?

Follow Becky on her confidence-building journey as she explores exciting new activities to uncover her amazing superpowers!

For children struggling with self-belief, finding confidence to try new things can be difficult. ‘Hey There! What's Your Superpower?’ aims to empower kids to believe in themselves, fostering a strong foundation of self-confidence and resilience.

Through engaging illustrations and simple interactive tasks, this book encourages children to embrace challenges with a growth mindset of resilience, persistence, self-confidence and self-esteem.

This book has been designed to be read over a number of sessions, and encourages children to discover not only their new superpowers, but an ability to give fresh challenges a go and to keep on trying!

There are accompanying Discussion Questions to inspire meaningful conversations, and additional activities to boost children's confidence.

As the author says, ‘One superpower may lead to two, and on it goes – as does the child’s belief in themself.’

How Big Are Your Worries Little Bear?

Little Bear is a worrier. He worries about everything! But with Mama Bear's help, he soon learns his worries are not so big after all.

Little Bear worries about many things like learning his ABCs, kicking goals at soccer, and scary things in the night. Little Bear worries about failure – a very real fear children can experience.

Through this engaging and beautifully illustrated story, children follow Little Bear’s journey as he learns valuable strategies to confront and overcome his worries. With Mama Bear's caring support, children soon discover that everyone makes mistakes – and that’s okay! And even our biggest worries can be managed when we bravely share them with a safe and trusted adult.

Helpful and thought-provoking Discussion Questions are included as well as extra hints to help children manage anxiety.

I’m Calm

Theodore is calm. But everyone else in his family isn't! In a time of stress, Theodore shows his family ways he's learned to stay calm.

Through this engaging and beautifully illustrated story, children will learn that in stressful situations they can still find a place of calm and peace through mindfulness techniques such as measured breathing, yoga poses, helping others with empathy and kindness, and walking mindfully in nature. Young readers will soon discover that in times of anxiety and stress, they have the ability to find an oasis of calm.

Free downloadable Discussion Questions for parents, caregivers and educators are available online at


Meet 6 wonderful kids. They love playing games, books, making stuff and being silly. And just like kids everywhere they want to feel safe, loved and included.

The reader is introduced to six amazing kids: Sam, Rishi, Jay, Audrey, Ty and Zara – each with unique abilities. ‘Included’ sets out to explore diversity and inclusion, and to ensure all kids understand that children with disability are just like kids everywhere – they have things they are good at and things they need to work on. And just like kids everywhere they want to feel that they belong and that they matter.

This book provides the reader with ways they can be more inclusive in their play and encourages the celebration of diversity in all its unique and wonderful forms. Children will come away with a growing understanding that people everywhere have differing abilities, and this only makes the world a more colourful, exciting, diverse and amazing place.

Throughout the text, open-ended questions are provided so children can bring their own experiences to the narrative. Further Discussion Questions are included to spark important and thought-provoking conversations.

Talking About Feelings

It’s not always easy to talk about our feelings but kids (and adults) benefit greatly from sharing their emotions.

This engaging book provides the understanding and tools to have caring conversations with kids about their feelings and emotions. ‘Talking About Feelings’ uses colours, images and an expansive vocabulary of feeling words to encourage children to manage and express their everchanging emotions with confidence. Using colourful and child-friendly illustrations and interactive questioning, this book is a great way to have those important conversations with the children in your care.

Includes a detailed User Guide with four usage options, and comprehensive Discussion Questions to help unpack the learning.

You, Me and Empathy

Meet Quinn! A little person with a big heart full of empathy, kindness and compassion.

One of the most important social skills a child can learn is empathy. This charming story uses carefully-crafted verse, beautiful illustrations and a little person called Quinn to model the meaning of empathy. Empathy is a learnt trait, and one to nurture in all children. Being able to understand how another person is feeling and recognizing their needs helps people to connect to one another across race, culture, and the diversity that is ever-present and so important to our world.

Helpful and thought-provoking Discussion Questions are included as well as extra activities to promote empathy.


Meet Emmi! She is resilient, independent and courageous. She always tries her best, and even when the going gets tough, Emmi never gives in.

This charming story uses beautifully-crafted verse and stunning illustrations to model resilience, persistence, and the ability to face challenges with tenacity. Children who are resilient are brave, curious, confident and problem solvers. Nurturing these traits in our children will go a long way in helping them face the many challenges they will encounter throughout their lives.

Included are Discussion Questions for parents, caregivers and educators, and suggested activities to promote children's resilience.

Optional Extra: Lesson Plans for Teachers

You can add to your purchase of the Empowerment BUNDLE, sets of lesson plans covering the topics of Body Safety and Consent, Gender Equality and Respect, Social and Emotional Intelligence. Including key outcomes, teaching notes, resource masters, whole class and individual activities integrated with the reading of our books to help convey these important and empowering topics to children.

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