Dear Men, Imagine this:

You can't take public transport alone at night you can't walk or run alone in the late afternoon or evening.

You always ask a male friend to walk you to your car at night.

You always check the backseat of your car when you get in.

You park in well-lit areas you never use a parking garage.

You lock your car door as soon as you get in you always make sure your garage door is closed before you get out of the car you never wear headphones when jogging or walking alone.

You never walk or run alone in quiet parks or on bush trails.

You never get in an elevator alone with a man or group of men.

You check your drinks for spiking.

You have to be careful what you wear.

You always meet first dates with men in public places you never make eye contact with men or groups of men on the street.

You never make eye contact and always keep walking when men shout lewd comments at you you always make sure your family knows where you are.

You have your phone on you at all times in case of an emergency.

You never rent first floor apartments.

You always leave outside lights on.

You always lock your windows even on a hot night.

Men: unless you change; unless you call other men out; unless you teach your son's respect, consent and gender equality; this will be your baby daughter's future.

Is that the kind of future you imagined?

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