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My Body! What I Say Goes! Kiah's Edition

My Body! What I Say Goes! Kiah's Edition

A book to empower and teach children about personal body safety, feelings, safe and unsafe touch, private parts, secrets and surprises, consent, and respectful relationships

Kiah's Edition is the Indigenous version of the best-selling title My Body! What I Say Goes!.

A book to help children protect their bodies from inappropriate touch through age-appropriate body safety and consent skills. Illustrated by awarding-winning Indigenous artist Jasmine Seymour and piloted with First Nations students, children will be empowered to say in a strong and clear voice, ‘This is my body! What I say goes!’ Through culturally-appropriate illustrations and engaging text, this book will equip children with the knowledge and confidence to speak up if they feel unsafe.

Written by the award-winning author of ‘Let's Talk About Body Boundaries, Consent & Respect’ and ‘Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept’, this essential book will teach children the following important and empowering skills in personal body safety:

  • identifying safe and unsafe feelings
  • recognizing early warning signs
  • developing a safety network
  • using the correct names for private parts
  • understanding the difference safe and unsafe touch
  • understanding the difference between secrets and surprises
  • respecting body boundaries.

Throughout the text, open-ended questions are provided so children can bring their own experiences to the conversation. In-depth Discussion Questions further unpack these important skills.

This book has an accompanying 16-page Activity Book to consolidate and reinforce the learning.

Books to empower children to say in a strong and clear voice, ‘This is my body! What I say goes!

Suitable for children 3-6 Years and 7-11 Years


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