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Body Safety Education Elementary School Teacher's Resource Kit.

Body Safety Education Elementary School Teacher's Resource Kit.

Everything you need to teach Body Safety, Respectful Relationships and Gender Equality to the children in your care!

This comprehensive Teacher's Resource Kit has been carefully designed to make the teaching of Body Safety, Respectful Relationships and Gender Equality to students in the first year of primary/elementary school, simple, age-appropriate and empowering.

The Kit includes single copies of the following books:

Also included:

  • 1 full colour A2 laminated Feelings Poster
  • 10 full colour laminated Safe/Unsafe A5 cards
  • Password protected Body Safety Professional Development for Teachers PowerPoint
  • Password protected Body Safety Education for Parents PowerPoint
  • 1 x zip-up plastic wallet

Printouts of the following resources are also included:

  • 10 Body Safety Lessons (8 pages)
  • 6 Respectful Relationships and Gender Equality Lessons (6 pages)
  • 10 Black Line Resource Masters
  • My Body Safety Activity Book
  • Body Safety Skills: A Guide for Parents and Carers hand-out sheet
  • Lyrics for the Body Safety song 'My Body is My Body' hand-out sheet
  • My Body Safety Rules Poster
  • My Early Warning Signs Poster
  • We are a Child Safe... Poster
  • Tips to Promote Gender Equality Poster
  • Sample letter home (also available as an editable Microsoft Word file)

Lesson Plan Descriptions

Through the 10 Body Safety lessons the children will learn that:

  • they have rights in relation to their body
  • some parts of their body are private
  • if someone does touch their private parts, asks them to touch their private parts, shows them their private parts or shows them images of private parts that they should tell a trusted adult and keep on telling until they are believed
  • there are secrets, such as someone touching their private parts, that should never ever be kept.

In these lessons children will:

  • discuss emotions and feelings such as happy, sad, angry, worried, etc.
  • talk about what it is like to feel 'safe' and 'unsafe'
  • discuss their Early Warning Signs
  • discuss 'body boundaries', consent and respect
  • identify trusted adults that they could go to if they are feeling unsafe (a Safety Network)
  • identify all body parts, including private body parts and private zones
  • discuss secrets and surprises, and how secrets that make them feel bad or uncomfortable should never be kept.

Through the 6 Respectful Relationships and Gender Equality lessons the children will understand that:

  • empathy and kindness are crucial to a caring and compassionate world
  • respect for self, different genders, cultures and religions is crucial for a harmonious and respectful society
  • it is important to listen to and respect each other's ideas and opinions, and recognise that people see things differently
  • gender equality means equal opportunities for all genders
  • we are more the same than we are different.

In these lessons children will:

  • discuss the terms 'respect' and 'disrespect' and identify their meanings
  • explore what is the 'same' and what is 'different' between boys and girls
  • unpack the key messages of gender equality and respect in No Difference Between Us and/or Pearl Fairweather, Pirate Captain
  • identify a female role-model that they respect and why
  • start to identify the damaging language and actions associated with gender inequality.
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