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Pearl Fairweather, Pirate Captain

Pearl Fairweather, Pirate Captain

Teaching children about gender equality, respect, respectful relationships, empowerment, diversity, leadership, recognising bullying behaviours and the prevention of violence.

Follow the adventures of Captain Pearl Fairweather – a brave, fair and strong pirate captain!

Captain Pearl and her diverse crew of twenty-four women sail the seven seas on the good ship, Harmony, looking only for adventure. All is well, until the day Captain Sandy McCross sails into their lives and demands to take over Pearl's ship!

This beautifully illustrated children's picture book explores crucial issues such as gender equality, respectful relationships, empowerment, diversity, leadership, bullying behaviours, self-esteem, the prevention of violence, and conflict resolution.

The aim of this book is to empower young girls to be strong, assertive, self-confident and self-reliant, and for boys to respect that empowerment, and to embrace and value it.

Comprehensive Discussion Questions are included to further draw out the learning.

Suitable for Ages 3-6 and Ages 7-11


"Terrific book for youth about empowerment, acceptance and teamwork. Jayneen Sanders writes another engaging story with bright illustration that draws kids in to this adventure on the high seas that demonstrates the real meaning of leadership, equality and self-esteem."
Ginger Kadlec, BeAKidsHero Child Advocate:

"This book is amazing. I'm a child protection consultant and use this book in my training. It's great for empowering girls to be leaders, respectful and have healthy relationships with peers and others. Pearl stands up for herself and is not dominated by a male older pirate who wants to take over her ship 'Harmony'. It's a beautiful multi-cultural book with bright colours and detailed pictures. Inclusive too with a crew member who's a wheelchair user. It's a decent price and my 8 year old daughter loves it too. It makes her feel strong and assertive. This book promotes gender equality and every school in the world should have one. A must book for all females young and old!"
Annmarie Child:

"Great book for boys and girls. The main character stands up for what is right and she does it in a positive way. I highly recommend this book! No, seriously if you're thinking about buying this book, stop thinking about it and buy it now!"
Amazon purchaser, June 2016

"Pearl Fairweather, Pirate Captain is a wonderfully illustrated children's book with a very important message - that all women and all men are equally capable and that it is important to act respectfully towards everyone. I'm a big fan of the author, Jayneen Sanders, books and frequently recommend them to friends and family. As with her other books, 'Pearl Fairweather, Pirate captain' has a section at the back that includes suggested discussions to have with your child/ren as you read the book. Often with children's books that teach a moral or lesson people worry that the story will feel contrived or 'preachy' but that is certainly not the case with this story. The story is fun and the accompanying illustrations are bright and fun.
My only regret is that there aren't more books with Pearl Fairweather as the main protagonist. I would really love to see a series of children's books based around her character. I highly recommend this book to parents/carers/friends of young children."
Kel Wheeldon, parent

"Captain Pearl Fairweather is a most wonderful book for children, and thoroughly enjoyed by my 5yo son.
This book is an adventure in sailing the seas, navigating difficult personalities and creating opportunities to learn from people who have different skills and experiences.
Captain Pearl sets her standards for behaviour, and role models setting boundaries that are positive and safe for everyone in her crew. Pearl also provides children the chance to see how she manages conflict and difficult personalities, so that they an understand that you can be kind whilst standing your ground.
'Pearl Fairweather, Pirate Captain' has been read so many times in our home, and shared with my son's friends at every opportunity.
This is a book that is rich with gender parity in leadership, and celebration and inclusion of diverse cultures, abilities, courage and friendship.
I love this book! I thought it was going to be a fabulous book for girls, but it's exciting and engaging for ANY child that loves pirates and dreams of sailing the seven seas with hope of wild adventures."
Faith Gray, parent, March 2016

"Absolutely fantastic, every child must read this. Such a worthy tool for every teacher in every school. A wonderful additional to Jayneen Sanders other books on body safety. LOVE IT !!! Congratulations !!!"
Katie, parent

"Who doesn't love a pirate - and stories of adventure on the high seas? The best thing about this colourful and exciting story is that it will appeal to all children, and they will enjoy it immensely without any idea that they are learning about gender equality, respect and empowerment. I loved it, and I've already bought a copy for a special little girl in my life."
Amazon Purchaser, Sept 2016

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