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Body Safety Education

Body Safety Education

A parents' guide to protecting kids from sexual abuse

A comprehensive step-by-step guide for parents, caregivers and educators on how to protect children from sexual abuse through body safety education.

It’s an adult’s responsibility to protect children from abuse, and that means educating themselves and the children in their care with the empowering skills and knowledge of body safety. This essential guide contains simple, practical and age-appropriate skills that adults can teach children, as well as important information on how abusers groom and what to do if a child discloses.

Body safety knowledge empowers children. It goes a long way in keeping them safe from sexual abuse, and ensuring they grow up as assertive and confident teenagers and adults. There is no downside!

Suitable for children Adults


"This excellent book is packed full of helpful and practical ideas. It complements perfectly Jayneen's wonderful children's book 'Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept' and I highly recommend that parents, teachers and professionals working in child-care make sure they have a copy of 'Body Safety Education' handy."
Sue Atkins Parenting Coach, Speaker, Broadcaster & Author of 'Parenting Made Easy -- How to Raise Happy Children'

"This book is healing and optimistic; parents and children alike will feel empowered by this knowledge. I will be recommending this book, along with 'Some Secrets Should Never be Kept' and 'No Means No!' to every family and every school with whom I work."
Yael Clark, Perinatal and Paediatric Psychologist:

"Body Safety Education is an excellent book for parents, carers and educators. It provides all you need to know to help protect children from sexual abuse - presented in an easy to read and friendly, non threatening format. I will definitely be including this book in my resources for teaching protective behaviours and body safety to children aged 3-12 and also recommending it to parents everywhere."
Margie Buttriss, HUSH Education

"Thank you Jayneen for yet, another, wonderful book for parents, carers and professionals alike. This is a great, easy to read, follow and understand resource to teach and educate children about protective behaviour and body safety. As a psychologist working with children and adolescent victim/survivors of sexual abuse, I could not recommend this highly enough or the importance of empowering children to be educated on body safety. This is one book that every parent should read and use with their children from as young as possible. It's never too early or too late to start teaching your child/ren protective behaviour or educating yourself about childhood sexual abuse. Well done Jayneen."
Sandra Ifrah, Child Psychologist

"This is a great book! I bought it for each of my adult children to read to their own children. Every household should have a copy."
Amazon Purchaser, April 2016

"This book makes discussing such a delicate topic seem effortless. We've learned so much and now they're more confident with this subject."
MommasAShopper, Amazon Purchaser, August 2015

"I just finished reading 'Body Safety Education' What a great resource to teach parents and care givers to work with kids to prevent sex abuse and a excellent companion to 'Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept'."
Ana P Martinez, December 2014

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