Tips to Help Children Stay Calm

Tips to Help Children Stay Calm

At this time of year with the transition from holidays to returning to school, it's no surprise that we typically see some big emotions from the children in our lives – it can be intense for everyone, including the adults! Here are some tips to help with the overwhelm and assist children with staying calm amongst the chaos (keeping in mind that every child is different):⁠

1. Quiet time - carve out some time each day for your child to have some screen-free time to themselves. Perhaps they have a favourite space - a chair to sink into or a tree to perch on. ⁠

2. Breathing exercises - this is a very simple way to help kids ground themselves and regulate their emotions when things become too much. Get them to close their eyes or choose something to focus on whilst they slowly breathe in for 3 and out for 3 until they are feeling calmer. ⁠

3. Draw their feelings - some children have difficulty articulating how they are feeling or just don't feel comfortable talking about it at any given time. Ask them to draw how they are feeling. Or perhaps you could ask them where they are feeling things in their body. You could also use the free 'How Are You Feeling' poster or ‘Feelings Cards’ on our website. ⁠

4. Movement & fresh air - getting children outside and moving their bodies is a great way to help them expend some energy and alleviate any anxiety. If you're in the northern hemisphere, rug up, get outside and take in the crisp, fresh air. For those of us in the southern hemisphere, put on the sprinkler and soak up the sun - and don't forget to smile! ⁠

5. Eating well - we all know that what they consumed has a direct effect on kids' behaviour. Be sure to add some nutrient-dense goodness to their meals or snacks each day and explain to them why this is important for their minds and bodies. ⁠

6. Stay hydrated - plenty of water is a no brainer! Just like our favourite house plant, without water, we start to wilt!

7. Quality sleep - as adults we know how hard it is to function without enough sleep. Our kids are still growing, so it's even more crucial for them to catch enough zzz's. If they are too wound up, try some meditation at the end of the day to help them transition to bedtime. And a bedtime story helps too – we have lots to choose from!

8. Keeping a routine - kids thrive on structure. They may not realise it, but they like to know what to expect and when. It can be tough staying consistent at times, but keeping some semblance of routine can make a huge difference, even if it's only one part of your day e.g. bedtime routine.

 Sometimes things can get too much for our kids and meltdowns happen – and that is OK. Once your child has had a chance to calm down, perhaps chat about what happened and why and also discuss some strategies to put in place to lessen the likelihood of overwhelm happening again.

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Article was written by Simone Redman-Jones 

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