What CONSENT looks like with a non-verbal child

What CONSENT looks like with a non-verbal child

Teaching consent with a non-verbal child is about respecting their body boundary and explaining to them what you are doing as you interact with them.

Here are some examples:

“I’m just going to pop you in the car seat so you will be safe. This won’t take long. I will need you to move your arms up so I can fit the straps over them. We did it! Thank you so much!”

“See this big bottle. This is shampoo. I’m just going to wash your hair with the shampoo so your hair smells fresh and clean.”

“Oh look! These are your toes! They can wiggle up and down. Mine do too. I’m just going to put some socks over your toes so your feet will be warm and snuggly.”

“It’s so cold outside today. I need to help you put on your coat and a woolly hat so you will be warm and dry. Perfect! Thanks for sitting so still.”

Okay! So you get the idea! Early consent is all about respect and valuing the small human as a sentient being with rights. Also chatting to your child is wonderful for language development and teaching empathy and consideration towards others! Modelling these skills to kids is paramount to them developing into kind and compassionate human beings.

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