Home Task Ideas

Home Task Ideas


Here are some quick, educational and fun HOME TASK IDEAS for your kids while they are being educated at home. I hope these help!

  1. Using images online, photos or pics from old magazines, have your child make a scrapbook about anything they are interested in. Add captions and labels.

  2. On the computer or in a note pad, have your child write a journal, expressing their thoughts and feelings at this time or simply writing stories.

  3. Scribe stories for a child not yet reading, and have them add illustrations. Encourage them to read the stories back to you.

  4. Read, read, read together! Take time to stop and discuss pictures, words and concepts as you read together.

  5. With a pack of cards (or two die), flash up two cards, e.g. 4 and 5. Say, 'Add, subtract or multiply' depending on the age of your child.

  6. Write a list of numbers for your child. Have them order these from smallest to largest. Choose numbers based on your child's ability level.

  7. Have your child design and make a board game. Ensure they plan first and then construct. Play the game together!

  8. Have your child write a book review of their favourite book.

  9. List all the words a writer could use instead of 'said'. Read a book together replacing 'said' with one of those words.
  10. List ten nouns for your child and have them add two to four adjectives in front of the word, e.g. 'apple'; 'red, juicy, delicious apple. To extend, they could write a sentence, e.g.
    'The red, juicy, delicious apple went crunch as I took my first massive bite!'
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