Body safety song

The body safety song: My Body Is My Body. Written by Jayneen Sanders and Debra Byrne. Performed by Lucille, Mattea and Oliver. 

This little song can make a huge difference to the safety of our children. It provides kids with knowledge about their body ownership and their rights in relation to their body. Quick to learn and sung to the tune of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, the body safety song is perfect for pre-kinder kids through to 8 year olds. Please share this clip!

Download a pdf of the lyrics.

Download an audio version of the video as an mp3.

Body safety song: My Body Is My Body

My body is my body,
And it belongs to me.
No-one can touch it
No-one but me!
[Point to self]
And if they try,
I’m going to yell, “Stop!”
[Hand comes out to show ‘stop’]
And run, run, run
As fast as I can,
And yell and tell
Again and again.
[Running motion with arms]