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Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept

Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept

Help protect children by teaching them to always speak up if they experience unsafe touch

Meet brave little Sir Alfred. A courageous young boy who comes to understand that some secrets should never ever be kept.

‘Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept’ is a beautifully illustrated picture book that sensitively broaches the subject of safe and unsafe touch. Written as a fable, this story seeks to teach children in an age-appropriate way, what to do if they are ever touch inappropriately. A timeless tale that will empower children to speak up when they feel unsafe.

The comprehensive Note to the Reader and Discussion Questions support both the reader and the child when discussing the story.


Suitable for children 3-6 Years, 7-11 Years, and 0-2 Years


"I felt so incredibly grateful to Jayneen for being brave enough to broach such a difficult subject and for going to such lengths to have her book published. I felt like shouting about it from the rooftops (I had to settle for Facebook) and I hope that people, not just parents but ALL people, will join me in arming our children with the best weapons available to them self confidence, open communication, body awareness, a safety network and the ability to say 'NO!'"

Rebecka Shelberg: Kids' Book Review:

"I want to personally thank Jay on behalf of my family, and so many other families around the world, to dedicating her time, talent, and energy to create Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept and its accompanying resources which are empowering children to protect their bodies and know what to do if someone abuses them."

Chelsea Lee Smith from 'Moments A Day: Personal Growth for Families'

"A great tool to help keep our kids safe. Well written and the intro and discussion at the end are fantastic. I plan to buy more for family members."

Amazon Customer

"I work at a child abuse and incest clinic and this has been a very helpful resource. I recently received it and already used it several times. The children have really responded to the story and it has started some helpful conversations. Highly recommend."

Amazon Customer

"This book is so well written that it helps deliver a very serious message without scaring the child. The discussion topics at the end are helpful to begin a dialogue with your kids about the topic."

Amazon Customer

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