Our Purpose

At Educate2Empower Publishing, our mission is to educate and empower children and the caring adults around them. We specialize in children's books and resources that address critical topics such as Body Safety, Consent, Gender Equality, Respectful Relationships, Social & Emotional Intelligence, Inclusion and Diversity.
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Our commitment is embedded in the belief that knowledge is transformative. We aim to spark important conversations and encourage active learning by providing engaging and beautifully illustrated texts. Each book we publish includes Discussion Questions — enabling parents, caregivers and educators to initiate meaningful conversations with children.

"I write my children’s books for both the child and the adult reader. By including questions within the story, and Discussions Questions to further draw out the learning, the child and adult can share the experiences and vulnerabilities which consequently build trust and safety. Discussing ‘tricky’ topics with your child from a young age teaches them not only the skills they need to navigate the world but that the adult reading with them is trustworthy and safe, and is willing to talk about all kinds of sensitive topics. A child growing up knowing that ‘nothing is off the table’ makes for a child, teenager and young adult who feels safe with that adult and will come to them with any concerns or worries and know they will be believed, listened to and helped. I believe my books are not just ‘books’ but vehicles of connection and trust.”

Jayneen Sanders - Educator, author, advocate & co-founder of E2E Publishing

“Jayneen Sanders’ books do a wonderful job of helping parents to teach their children body safety and confidence in their own intuition. It’s sometimes not easy to talk about or teach these things, but it is very necessary living in the world we do. This is where Jay comes in… with sensitivity, lightness and wisdom she opens up these important conversations and helps children better understand their feelings, their bodies, their boundaries and what being safe feels like. Jayneen is an excellent writer."

Maggie Dent - Parent Educator



Explore our collection and join us in empowering the next generation with the tools to thrive, and make a positive impact on the world.

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