5 Points to Consider: Helping Kids Return to School post COVID Isolation

5 Points to Consider: Helping Kids Return to School post COVID Isolation

As kids begin returning to school, many may be feeling anxious about leaving their carers, going outside where ‘germs’ may be lurking, reuniting with friends, and even wondering if friendship groups will still exist. Some kids may be super happy about going back to school and yet, in time, the return may not live up to their expectations. Once in the classroom, some kids will find it hard to concentrate on ‘academic’ studies and may find it hard to focus on day-to-day learning of maths and spelling, for example.

Times are turbulent for us and they are turbulent for kids. Here are 5 points as adults we need to be aware of to help our kids navigate these unprecedented times.

1. The world may be a lot scarier for kids right now than it used to be, so check in with your kids daily. Give them the tools to talk about their feelings (www.e2epublishing.info/free-resources#SocialEmotional) and give them the time and space to express these feelings.

2. Lower your expectations of kids ‘bouncing back’. It may take some time for them to adapt to the new ‘normal’. Be patient, kind and understanding. And give them the time to work through the past few months where life was unsettled, and to be honest, quite scary.

3. Do some work on 'Growth Mindset' where you and your child can explore these ideas of trying, persistence and resilience.

4. Take time out every day to do some mindfulness such as deep breathing, yoga and gratefulness. Maybe you could do this as a class or as a family.

5. Explore nature and walking/riding trails every chance you get! Spending time in nature is very grounding and will help everyone’s anxiety.

For more free resources on social and emotional intelligence go to: www.e2epublishing.info/free-resources

Read the free children’s e-book ‘I’m Calm



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