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Helping Kids to Develop a Growth Mindset - FREE POSTER & ACTIVITY

Helping Kids to Develop a Growth Mindset - FREE POSTER & ACTIVITY

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We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to grow up safe, informed, and empowered. Your translation can help.

If you are able to provide a translation of any of our posters or activity sheets please contact us.


 Teach kids to overcome challenges with our FREE Growth Mindset kit! Includes a poster and activity sheets to boost perseverance and resilience. Develop a positive mindset and help them succeed in difficult situations.

Lesson Ideas:

Print out onto sticker paper and use as badges to recognise achievements, children could create a poster or set aside a page in their workbook and aim to collect all 15!

Cut up and stick onto cards for children to collect, share, display, use as flash cards. Each day, or each week, children could choose the statement they think best suits them. Explore why they chose a particular statement.

• Display the complete poster. Discuss with the children examples of each statement. Children can point out which statement(s) apply to them. Encourage the children to use these statements in their everyday discussions and written work.

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