A Body Safety Message for the Holiday Season

A Body Safety Message for the Holiday Season

Holiday season is upon us, and our kids are about to spend A LOT of time around people — family, extended family, friends, friends of friends, acquaintances and total strangers. They will be in amongst groups of people at family gatherings, Christmas parties, carol nights, NYE celebrations, camping grounds, parks, swimming pool or beach (or ski resorts if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere) , shopping centres, cinemas, etc.

We cannot stress enough how important it is for your children to be educated in Body Safety, especially at this time of year!

Give your kids:

  • the gift of confidence, in knowing what they can do if they feel worried, unsafe, unsure, intimidated,

  • the gift of being able to recognise what is inappropriate behaviour,

  • the gift of understanding what consent means and what rights they have, especially in relation to their own body.

Give yourself the gift of peace of mind, knowing you have done everything you can to help keep your children safe and happy.

Teaching the key messages of Body Safety is easy. 

They are positive messages that are age-appropriate for children. You can start with our free resources: 

download, print and display our My Body Safety Rules poster (currently available in 14 languages!).

We recommend that you put the poster up in your children’s bedroom/playroom so that they have easy access and a reminder of the rules whenever they need them. The fridge is a great place to put it too, so any visitors in your house know that your children are educated in Body Safety. The double benefit of this is, 1. deterring potential predators, and 2. educating other families or children who don’t know about Body Safety.

You can also gift the knowledge of Body Safety to your local community - take a printed poster to your local swimming pool, sporting club, hospital or shopping centre and ask if they can pin it up in a prominent place, on their noticeboard, or outside public toilets.

If you want to know more about WHY and HOW to teach your children Body Safety, please read this comprehensive article: Protect Your Child From Sexual Abuse

Our collection of children’s books also provide many important messages and skills, with engaging dialogue and beautiful colour illustrations to help you empower your children in a fun and positive way.

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