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ABC of Body Safety and Consent

ABC of Body Safety and Consent

A book to teach children about body safety, consent, safe and unsafe touch, private parts, body boundaries and respect

Explore the ABCs of Body Safety and Consent!

Let’s educate children with essential and empowering skills in body safety and consent. The 26 'key' letters and accompanying text will support children as they learn and consolidate age-appropriate, crucial and life-changing body safety and consent skills. Designed as a 'dip-in-dip-out' book, the text, the child-centred questions and the stunning illustrations will reinforce key skills such as consent, respect, body boundaries, safe and unsafe touch, early warning signs, safety network, private parts, and the difference between secrets and surprises.

Thought-provoking questions are provided on each page so children can bring their own experiences into the narrative. Further Discussion Questions to spark open and meaningful conversations are also included.

Suitable for Ages 3-6 and Ages 7-11


"Thorough but approachable for very young kids. Illustrations show examples like if an adult is filming you, which is a situation not normally covered in a lot of books for kids. An excellent resource that will hopefully find its way onto home and community bookshelves."

Asley -

"A very important and informative book. The first time I glanced through this I thought, "Wow, this is way too wordy." But having now actually read it and seeing that the author says, "This book is designed to be read at a conversational pace. It is best read with your child over a number of sittings...not necessarily in sequential order" it makes more sense and seems a good amount of words to get the message across. It's a small thing but something which always speaks to the quality of these types of books to me is how they deal with secrets/surprises and I like how this one does. I also like how they define surprises, the only surprises that are honored/kept are "happy surprises that will be told." Anyway, a great book on the topic."

Jared White -

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