I wrote this piece really for men, knowing that most likely, only women will read it.

If men read it, they might realise what it's like for us, day to day. To be in our shoes.

Not only do women have to cope with the majority of domestic work, pay disparity, feeling unsafe, objectification, the beauty ideal, they have to cope with not being understood by the person closest to them.

Please read this piece to your male partner and tell us their response.




Got up at 5am. Made it to the gym by 5.20am. Was dark and I couldn’t find a park, so had to park down a side street. Was bloody scary. Saw a guy at the end of the street but just kept my head down. Was going to ring Jack but didn’t want to wake him. Made it to the gym safe and sound! Going to have to tell them to do something about the parking!

Good sesh at the gym. Carly is such a sweetie. She helped me with my program. Never going to wear my bra top again though! Had about seven men gawking at me! Was horrific! Tomorrow wearing a massive over-sized T-shirt. Totally sucks! But the women’s only gym is over an hour away from home, so out of the question.

Arrived home at 6.30am. Jack still in bed, so made him and the kids’ breakfast. Eva woke up with a blocked nose and a sore throat. Poor kid. Lucas couldn’t find his football socks. Massive drama and tanty. That kid! Six going on 16! Jack finally surfaced at 7.30am asking for his favourite blue shirt. Some massively important business meeting or something! Fuck! I didn’t even get time for a shower so just whacked on some deodorant and washed my face. Seriously, it’s a wonder I even made it to the gym!

Dropped Eva at mum’s and drove Lucas to school. Jack said too busy to do the school drop-off. Lucas’s teacher wanted a word about a bullying incident or something, so said I’d try to arrive 15 min earlier tomorrow. Mum rang and said Eva had a temperature and needed to go to the doctor. Said I’d try for the afternoon. Arrived at work 10 minutes late, Meeting already started. John gave me that look. What a total prick! I bet he had a better morning than me! Kevin commented on my weight loss yet again! That man is a creep. Wish he’d shut the fuck up!

Found Jenna in the toilets crying. Said Jimmy got mad last night and smashed the TV. I tried to give her some time but John rang me while I was in the fucking toilet (can you believe it) and told me he wanted the Jenson case on his desk by 2. Poor Jenna. Gotta find some time for her. She needs a women’s shelter or something. Gotta look into it for her when I get a minute. Mum rang again and said she’d made an appointment for Eva at 4 pm. I said there is no way I can make 4 pm. Mum said she could take her. Thank God for Mum! Eva has the flu and will be off school for a week. Shit! What am I going to do! Shit! Bloody Steve dropped off the McCarthy files and accidentally on purpose touched my boob! What a creep! I’d complain about sexual harassment but who’d believe me! He covers his tracks so well! I wished they’d heard of #metoo in this fucking law firm.

Finished work at 6 pm. Traffic was terrible. Luckily today was Jack’s day to pick up Lucas from afters. He ordered pizza too! So yay! House looked like a bomb had hit it. School bags, dog unfed, dishwasher full, Eva crying in bed. Poor darling. She was so hot with a fever. Lucas seemed quite upset too. Something about Ben Johnson picking on him in the playground. Gotta deal with that when I get a minute. Skipped school reader and just got Lucas to bed. Finally had a shower at 10.30 pm. Bed at 11pm. Jack wants sex. Are you kidding me?! Set the alarm for 4.45am.




Got to the gym at 5.30. Had to park in a side street. Worked out. Lots of hot woman. Got home at 6.30am, had a shower and breakfast. Got to work at 8am. Busy day. Home by 6pm. Dinner and Netflix. Bed at 10. Sex with Jenna.

There are many ways men can help lessen the mental load for women and make a positive impact in regards to gender equality. Click here for some tips to help make a difference.

Written by award-winning author, educator, and advocate, Jayneen Sanders.

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