Our Last Taboo — Child Sexual Abuse

Our Last Taboo — Child Sexual Abuse

Every day I feel more and more hopeful that our last taboo in this our ‘modern’ and ‘forward-thinking society’ is being, not only discussed, but acted upon. The prevention of child sexual abuse and its devastating aftermath, is finally being talked about in mainstream society. Not as quickly and not as openly as I would like, but I do believe more and more parents and educators are willing to discuss what they can do to prevent future generations of children from its crippling consequences.

When I wrote Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept three years ago, the subject of child sexual abuse was so taboo we could not find a publisher willing to publish a book specifically written to help prevent it! But now two years after publishing the book ourselves, I can tentatively say, this subject is seemingly no longer the taboo it once was. Don’t get me wrong, we still have many miles yet to travel with this crucial issue, but at least some parents and educators are now seeing that educating kids in body safety can make all the difference to a child who is being groomed or may well be groomed in the future.

Something so simple as discussing rudimentary body safety with a child  can be the difference between a childhood stolen and childhood lived and enjoyed as it should be. As we educate children in body safety, let’s not forget to educate ourselves.

Remember, child sexual abusers groom both the child and the adults around them. Be vigilant and be aware, but most importantly, educate children in body safety and share your new found knowledge on this subject with other parents and educators. I am hoping beyond hope for a snowball effect.

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