Raising 'Good' Boys

Raising 'Good' Boys

As parents we are well versed in the age old art of worrying. From the moment we realise we are going to become a mother or father our excitement is also mixed with apprehension. Will I be a good parent? What if I get it wrong? What if I mess them up?

As a mother of both a son and daughter, I feel the burden of responsibility weighing more heavily in regard to raising my son. We often hear parents expressing their concern for their daughters – their safety, and how they will be treated by boys and men. And rightly so. The world we currently live in affords an easier path for boys to move through than girls. However, very few parents think about the reality of their sons potentially being one of those boys or men who mistreat or disrespect others, particularly girls and women. This, as a mother of a young boy is my greatest fear.

The question we need to ask is not necessarily, “What if something bad happens to my daughter?”, but “What if my son is the perpetrator?

This is why teaching boys about gender equality from a young age is crucial.


Here are some ways to help our sons to grow into respectful young men:

One of the more challenging aspects of parenting is learning to unlearn what we have grown up to believe. To realise, reflect and take action in response to unconscious bias that we express in our daily lives. It’s not always comfortable, but it is necessary.

By teaching our sons to treat others equally and with kindness and respect, we are ultimately protecting our daughters too.

Listed below are some of our books to help have conversations with our sons about gender equality, respect, boundaries and feelings:


Article Written by Simone Redman-Jones

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