What is a Body Safety Education program?

What is a Body Safety Education program?

Body Safety Education aims to empower children with skills and knowledge that will lessen the likelihood of them becoming victims of childhood sexual abuse. It is known that approximately 20% of girls, and 8% of boys will experience sexual abuse before their 18th birthday (Pereda, et al, 2009). That is equivalent to 6 girls and 1 boy in each class of 30 students! These are horrific statistics, but through early education we can make a difference.

Many people are uninformed as to what constitutes a Body Safety Education program and fear that such a program would discuss sex and sexual abuse with their children. This is not the case. Where young children are concerned, Body Safety programs should be age-appropriate, non-threatening and aim to teach children these basic points:

  • Your body is YOUR body and no-one else has the right to touch it, especially your private areas (those covered by a bathing suit).

  • If someone does touch you inappropriately, you must tell a trusted adult and keep telling until you are believed.

  • Be able to identify the difference between safe and unsafe touch.

  • Understand what the words ‘respect’ and ‘consent’ mean.

  • Know what actions you can take if you feel worried or unsafe.

Educate2Empower Publishing has created two Teacher’s Resource Kits (one for Preschool level and one for Primary School level), that combine a selection of our children’s books with a teaching plan, lessons and activities in a fun, engaging and non-threatening Body Safety Education program.

The teaching resources have been compiled by Jayneen Sanders, author of the award-winning children’s book 'Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept' and Amazon best-seller in child safety books 'My Body! What I Say Goes!’. Jayneen is a mother of three, a teacher, a certified counsellor, and author of over 100 children’s books.

Our comprehensive Teacher's Resource Kits have been carefully designed to make the teaching of Body SafetyRespectful Relationships and Gender Equality, simple and empowering. Prevention of sexual abuse and domestic violence starts early with age-appropriate, non-threatening education.  

Does your school have a Body Safety Education program?

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