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Take a Breath Activity

Take a Breath Activity

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How do we prevent violence, disrespectful behaviours and gender inequality in our communities? A very challenging question. Maybe … if we began at the beginning by teaching our kids to ‘take a breath’ before they act or speak — then we might see more positive outcomes in generations to come. Let’s hope so!

‘Take a Breath' Activity is for students 8 to 17 years. It can be explored in classrooms, homes and community settings such as church groups and sporting clubs.

The ‘Take a Breath’ Activity aims to help students:

  • understand that our words and how we deliver them matter
  • understand our words can affect another’s self-esteem, confidence, anxiety levels and happiness
  • understand that our words can make others feel powerless
  • realise that verbal abuse is unacceptable in all societies
  • understand that verbal abuse can lead to other forms of abuse and control
  • express their feelings and emotions in a more regulated way towards positive outcomes
  • listen to another’s point of view with increased empathy, understanding and perspective
  • learn to self-regulate.

Through a series of role plays and then discussion questions guided by the facilitator, the overall objective of this activity is to have students, when responding to a challenging situation or conversation to:

  1. Take a Breath (STOP for a few seconds before responding).
  2. Ask themselves 3 questions about what they are about to say:
    1. Is this helpful?
    2. Is this hurtful?
    3. Will this cause unhappiness to the other person and/or myself?
  3. Then Rethink Their Response.
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