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How Big Are Your Worries Little Bear?

How Big Are Your Worries Little Bear?

A book to help children manage and overcome anxiety, anxious thoughts, stress and fearful situations

Little Bear is a worrier. He worries about everything! But with Mama Bear's help, he soon learns his worries are not so big after all.

Little Bear worries about many things like learning his ABCs, kicking goals at soccer, and scary things in the night. Little Bear worries about failure – a very real fear children can experience.

Through this engaging and beautifully illustrated story, children follow Little Bear’s journey as he learns valuable strategies to confront and overcome his worries. With Mama Bear's caring support, children soon discover that everyone makes mistakes – and that’s okay! And even our biggest worries can be managed when we bravely share them with a safe and trusted adult.

Helpful and thought-provoking Discussion Questions are included as well as extra hints to help children manage anxiety.

Suitable for Ages 3-6 and Ages 7-11


"Excellent book for all young children, who need help processing big emotions, and big worries. This is one of a beautiful range of children's books by Jayneen Sanders, and it was as fabulous as the others we've been privileged to read. As the mother of a young son (7yo) who wrestles with anxiety each and every day, it was a perfect, easy to read book to help him realise he does have simple, and yet effective strategies all around him. We read this for the first time during a family crisis, and the difference it made to his ability to process and regulate his emotions was clearly evident. He slept deeply, and was confident that he was going to be just fine through the changes our family was facing."
Faith Gray

"If there were guides to cope with stress for toddlers and younger kids - this book would be one of them. A great way to teach kids about how to deal with worries. Little Bear worries a lot and all the time. It impacts him greatly to the point when he cannot eat nor sleep. Momma Bear explains to him step by step how to deal with his problems, and at the end all works out. This little story shows techniques which kids can use to address their worries (talking about them, drawing them etc.) and help kids cope with what's on their mind."

"Great for anxious children who need to open up! Really enjoyed reading this to my anxious child. She now references the book when she wants to talk to me about something that's bothering her."
Amazon purchaser, March 2018 

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