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A book for all children about inclusion, diversity, disability, equality and empathy

Meet 6 wonderful kids. They love playing games, books, making stuff and being silly. And just like kids everywhere they want to feel safe, loved and included.

The reader is introduced to six amazing kids: Sam, Rishi, Jay, Audrey, Ty and Zara – each with unique abilities. ‘Included’ sets out to explore diversity and inclusion, and to ensure all kids understand that children with disability are just like kids everywhere – they have things they are good at and things they need to work on. And just like kids everywhere they want to feel that they belong and that they matter.

This book provides the reader with ways they can be more inclusive in their play and encourages the celebration of diversity in all its unique and wonderful forms. Children will come away with a growing understanding that people everywhere have differing abilities, and this only makes the world a more colourful, exciting, diverse and amazing place.

Throughout the text, open-ended questions are provided so children can bring their own experiences to the narrative. Further Discussion Questions are included to spark important and thought-provoking conversations.

Suitable for children 3-6 Years and 7-11 Years


"I bought this book to share with Gen Ed teachers in my school. It has helped them start some positive discussions as a class about the students in the school that have Special Needs!"

Amazon Customer

"My son is starting kindergarten and this is a great conversation starter for his ability questions and show him how to treat others at the same time"

Amazon Customer

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