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My Mindfulness & Wellbeing Journal Year 3

My Mindfulness & Wellbeing Journal Year 3

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Year 3 Educators!

After a challenging year, this engaging Journal will empower your students on their WELLBEING journey! Each page is linked to the Australian Curriculum. Perfect to help you assess students’ Personal and Social, Critical and Creative Thinking, Ethical, and Intercultural Capabilities as well as the Learning Areas of Health and Physical Education, and English.

Topics covered:

  • Personal strengths and goals
  • Feelings and emotions
  • Calming techniques
  • Resilience and asking for help
  • Gratitude and kindness
  • Respect
  • Sustainability.

This Journal is perfect for the students in your life. They have the option to write as much as they like, draw pictures and colour the pages. Journalling is a great way for kids to express their feelings - BIG and small!

This Journal has been written to use from beginning to end, across a year of schooling. In saying that, please feel free to adapt the order of the Journal to suit your student’s needs! Use the Contents page as a guide to the concepts covered and the ideas built throughout the Journal. For example, if you feel you need to cover ‘Resilience’ with your class before delving into ‘Feelings and Emotions’, feel free to do so. If you are looking at cultural identity in another subject area, support that learning with the ‘Respect’ section of the Journal.

At the beginning of the year, this Journal will be an excellent tool to get to know your students, have them get to know each other, and set up goals for the first semester of their learning.

This Journal promotes the values of an ‘Empathy Classroom’ where all students are valued, heard and respected. For the remainder of the year, you may set a regular journalling time for an hour each week to cover one to two pages, or you may have a two-week block each term where you set more time aside for Journaling; this will be up to you and your class.

Suitable for children 7-11 Years


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