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Talking About Feelings

Talking About Feelings

A book to assist adults in helping children unpack, understand, and manage their feelings and emotions

It’s not always easy to talk about our feelings but kids (and adults) benefit greatly from sharing their emotions.

This engaging book provides the understanding and tools to have caring conversations with kids about their feelings and emotions. ‘Talking About Feelings’ uses colours, images and an expansive vocabulary of feeling words to encourage children to manage and express their ever-changing emotions with confidence. Using colourful and child-friendly illustrations and interactive questioning, this book is a great way to have those important conversations with the children in your care.

Includes a detailed User Guide with four usage options, and comprehensive Discussion Questions to help unpack the learning.

Suitable for children 3-6 Years and 7-11 Years


"Great book on feelings. I usually read to a client in one session. I'm a child-mental health therapist."
Amazon Review

"I love it — Every now and then we pull this book out to check in with each other review how everyone is doing in the house. As a mom that’s important to me. Great tool."
Terri, Amazon Review

"An absolute essential! — Only just received this book and had a read myself before doing with my daughter and want to just say how absolutely amazing and essential it is. When toddlers are learning feelings this covers everything and more. It has content in it that will useful to keep returning to, and referring to with any child up to age 10 having a difficult time. Children in all situations would benefit, especially at the times when they go through difficult behaviour moments because they are unable to express themselves."
Jasmine, Amazon Review

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